Pdt. Dr. Erastus Sabdono is the Pastor and Pastor of GSKI Rehobot Kelapa Gading who is also Rehobot Ministry. In 2000 Pdt. Dr. Erastus Sabdono has service branches in several places in Jabodetabek. In the middle of the week there is a service called the Voice of Truth. The name Suara Truth later also became the name of a radio program. From these services and radio programs, the name Suara Truth became synonymous with the sermons and teachings of Pdt. Erastus Sabdono. Because of that Rehobot Ministry publication also uses the name Truth, which is the English translation of the truth. In connection with the increasing number of fans of the Voice of Truth in Indonesia and also seminars held by Pdt. Erastus in various places, then established a community called the House of Truth (HoT), which is a community network of lovers of the Voice of Truth originating from various church denominations in various places. The House of Truth meets regularly to study the Bible together through materials obtained from Truth.

Because he has an understanding of theology, he continues to grow, the Rehobot Ministry and truth.id services, through YouTube channels, are growing. On November 13, 2018, the Voice of the Truth Gospel Church (GSKI) joined the Indonesian Pentecostal Churches Fellowship (PGPI) chaired by Pdt. Prof. Dr. Jacob Nahuway, M.A. and on December 3, 2018 the Government of Indonesia through the Decree of the Directorate General of Protestant Christian Community Guidance of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No. 541/2018 officially recognizes the GSKI Synod, which has its Head Office in Gading Kirana Blok A10 / 1-2, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240.

GSKI Duta Kalam is one of the churches that is considered capable of pastoring God's congregation in the local church. GSKI Duta Kalam is a fellowship of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who has a confession of faith, namely the Apostles' Creed.

GSKI Duta Kalam, pastored by Pdt. Walben Sijabat, M.Th and mentored by Senior Pastor Pdt. Dr. Erastus Sabdono has a 'positioning' service in terms of applied and implemented teaching by forming a service culture that upholds the values ​​of:

Holiness. Teaching is focused on the holiness of life and restoration of character according to God's original design (like Christ), not on the mere fulfillment of physical needs.
Eternity. People are always reminded that this world is only temporary and will soon pass away, so that people must take advantage of life in this world to prepare themselves to enter heaven.
Responsible. People are taught to be responsible for what God has given them, such as maintaining health, working hard, trying to build a harmonious family and so on.

For pastoral ministry please contact:

WA/HP : 08777 566 0111

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